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I am Edyta Halon and I dance behind the designs and making of all the products.

I am an artist, designer, educator, dancer, a green smoothie drinker and a plant living barefoot wandereress.

One of my many values is conscious and intentional consumption, living in harmony with nature-as much as one living in the city like me can, zero waste while creating as well as owning less and living

and experiencing more.

All of my offerings are currently made in Brooklyn, New York where, as a young woman traveling from Poland on several occasions, I settled to explore my sensitivity for art. Along with moving to Brooklyn in 2001 came a job at one of Brooklyn's finest marble mosaic studios working as a mosaic assistant.  

A couple of years later I enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Technology to study painting,

proudly receiving my BFA four years later.

Soon after graduating some forces dragged me back onto the mosaic path and as I was living life, my priorities and views shifted again and my career took me yet in another direction, serving as an educator

 sharing my passion for creative reuse.

However designing, altering and creating garments for myself and others had traveled with me through all these years, slowly transforming into this very dear to my heart creation called I wander through.


Love for growth, living and exploring ignites my creativity as I myself, keep wandering through life.


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