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All our plant dyed garments, both organics and upcycles, are slow hand dyed with plants in our studio

in Brooklyn, New York.

We believe that the ever changing nature of natural plant color only adds to the beauty

and allows customers to co-create and influence the colors depending on how the garment is treated.

We use only organically grown and local (when possible) raw plants and plant extracts

we source from Botanical Colors, ocasionally and seasonally we forge from the forests and filelds

upstate New York, as well as small quanties of roses and marigolds are grown at my parents garden in Poland :)

We do not use any harsh chemicals, so the process is earth and studio friendly.  


True natural dyes are a living color, and most botanical dyes other then indigo, may react with highly acidic environments, such as pure lemon juice.

So please be mindful when sqeezing lemons while wearing naturally dyed garments, especially solid colors.

(lemon sqeeze on scrunched or bundle dyed designs will get lost in translation)

If you do stain your garment with lemon, know it is temporary,

 the sprinkles will wash and disapate with time, usually 4-5 washes. 

We also invite you to get creative and make the garment your very own by perhaps adding more lemon juice :)

Please contact us if you have any questions.


Always best if hand washed, but we absolutely understand that our lives are paced differently, so machine washing on delicate cycle, with like colors in cool water works, always best to hang dry.

 Uneven color is intentional.

Plant dyes are a living color and it may shift with time, which doesn't mean it will fade completely after couple washes. All plants we use are permanent and lightfastnes highly depends on how you wash your garment, whether you will spend hours in the sun, and how you dry them.

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