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hand made from 100% upcycled virgin wool, really soft,  pre-washed and pre-shrunk, best to hand wash in warm water, dry flat.
two deep pockets.

this virgin wool collection as well as all our up-cycles, is sourced from a reuse center in New York. brand new fabrics collected from fashion companies that stopped using a particular pattern, fiber or design and instead of ending up in landfill, we give them another life. For that reason our up-cycles are limitted. only a certain amount is available, sometimes a roll, sometimes less then 10 yards. 
with the intention to own less and live more, you can make it as casual or elegant as you like.  double it with another layer.
works wonderfully with our wander sleeves, of course.

open neck virgin wool sweater

  • 100%  upcycled virgin wool

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