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hand made and hand dyed with plants, uneaven color is intentional. 
wash with like colors in cool water, hand dry. color may shift with time and thats the beauty of nature. 
the sleeves are long enough to reach comfortably from your wrist to mid arm.
great and stylish as an extention for your short or 3/4 sleeve tops, extra layer under the itchy sweater or cozy up while stretching before dance, yoga or any movement and fitness class. can and shall be worn on your legs as well. yes. on your legs!
this is a longer, experimental version, 30 inches long and can be rolled up to create texture or folded over to fit your arm's length.
arm width( measure your arm about 2 inches above the elbow) 
will fit your are above the elbow 12 " diameter

extra long arm warmers m/l

  • 100% organic cotton 

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