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first entry: how do i journal

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

journaling is a fairly new addition to my morning ritual. but after w week of newness, i became hooked. it transformed my mornings even more. writing allows me to recall the things i want to remember, keeps me on track with my gratitude practice and adds so much more to setting the tone of the day.

here are my entries inspired by a new friend Samantha, whom i met on a recent trip to florida, as well as ....... here are my prompts:

today I feel...anything from rested to exceptional as well as crappy.

i am grateful for... my safe bed/space has always been my biggest one, and anything from my incredible body to my sister for always listening to my rambling full of ideas and things to say.

today i plan.. to have fun at work, and do this or that

3 amazing things that happened yesterday...

daily affirmations.. i am amazing , i walk through life with ease and joy.

how can i make today better.. breathe, relax your body and trust the proces

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